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The Institute of the Humaities and Global Cultures is pleased to announce its new Advisory Board.

For the 2022-23 academic year, the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures is pleased to welcome Elizabeth Shanks Alexander

The Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures is excited to announce a new set of research networks and initiatives, beginning Fall of 2023. 

Mapping Indigenous/UVA Relations: Stories of Space, Place, and Histories is a participatory action methodological project that focuses on

My research focuses on sabils, or charitable water fountains, as a key location for exploring vernacular water architecture and investigating the u

The focus of my research while a Mellon Humanities Fellow takes off from the ubiquity of the phrase: "the long eighteenth century." Proliferating i

What meaning did a fictional Ottoman tale and the manuscript containing it have to those who copied, read, heard, and owned it?

“If human beings suddenly ceased imitating, all forms of culture would vanish.” This striking statement by René Girard not only ascribes to mimesis

How did the partition of the Indian subcontinent resolve the problem of belonging for minority religious communities – in India, Pakistan, and late

Since the mid-1980s, art photographers from metropolitan France have been training their lenses on places throughout the country they call home.

I am beginning a new project at IHGC, one that builds from the methods that I developed in my first book, Mining Language: Racial Thinking, Ind

Higher Powers: Alcohol and After in Uganda’s Capital City is a collaborative monograph (co-authored by George Mpanga and Sarah Namirembe)

Project Summary: My project on Byzantine urbanism and Athens in particular, seeks to reconstruct the topography and spatial layout of Byza

Project Summary: My current book project reframes narratives of photography’s origin and originality by zooming into the first one hundred