University of Virginia, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


Summer 2018 - CHCI 2018 Conference


Welcome & Introduction



Achille Mbembe - "Algorithmic Reason and Planetary Humanities"



Panel: Art, Desire, and Techno Entanglements (Renate Ferro, Matthew Burtner, Anjali Prabhu, Judith Buchanan)


Experimental Humanities: Humanities Labs (James Evans, Nicole Coleman, Jack Chen, Camilla Fojas, Eric Hayot)


Wendy Hui Kyong Chun - "Critical Data Studies or How to Desegregate Networks"



Lydia Liu, "The Psychic Life of Digital Media"



Panel: Epistemic Accelerations and Algorithmic Cultures (Jennifer Rhee, Chad Wellmon, Gary Tomlinson)



Panel: Information Wars, Impossible Democracies (Siva Vaidhyanathan, Jonathan Albright, Thomas Keenan, Amanda Anderson)

Panel on #Charlottesville August 11 & 12 (Deborah McDowell, Louis Nelson, Michael Bérubé)



Michael Witmore - What Should Humanists Think About in the Age of the Algorithm?