University of Virginia, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


The Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures is the humanities center at the University of Virgina. We are an inclusive space that celebrates the humanities as the source of deep and sustaining knowledge that teaches us what it means to be human across the myriad scales of relationality, from the local to the global.

Our mission is to advance humanistic research and inquiry across the disciplines through innovative programming, institutional collaborations, and faculty-led initiatives. We sponsor a competitive fellowship program that embeds faculty in the life of the institution, ongoing humanities laboratories that explore emergent topics in the humanities, and initiatives that bring internal and external institutions into conversation with UVA. 

As the humanities center of a public university, IHGC welcomes all faculty, staff, and students at UVA, and the broader community in and beyond Charlottesville, to attend the lectures, seminars, and workshops that we host each semester. We look forward to meeting you!