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This conference will explore the nature of cosmopolitanism and its relationship to globalization. We shall also ask what cosmopolitanism means for the humanities: are scholars increasingly pursuing global comparisons in their work, and even expecting a single set of methodological norms to apply in research across different regions? As well as a keynote address by Thomas Pogge, there will be four 1.5 hour sessions consisting of two short papers with open discussion. The conference will close with a roundtable discussion. Scholars from throughout Latin America will engage the issues from the standpoint of their distinctive history and contemporary conditions. Scholars from other nations will multiply the angles of approach, allowing the discussion to develop due comparative breadth.

Thursday October 3rd

Colonnade Club, Solarium
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10:30-11.00 Introduction and welcome

11.00-12.30 Global history

Sara Albieri (University of Sao Paulo)

Brian Owensby (University of Virginia)

2.00-3.30 Cosmopolitanism and culture

Ricardo Navia (Universidad de la República, Montevideo)

Joshua Yates (University of Virginia)

4.00 Keynote address

Harrison Institute
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Thomas Pogge (Yale University)

Shaping the Successors to the Millennium Development Goals

5:30 reception

Friday October 4th

Cocke Hall 114, Gibson Room
Philosophy Library
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9.00-10.30 Cosmopolitanism, politics and law

Andés Rosler (University of Buenos Aires)

Jennifer Rubenstein (University of Virginia)

11.00-12.30 Building transnational research teams

Poul Holm (Trinity College Dublin)

Ricardo Blancarte (Colegio de Mexico)

1.30-3.00 Roundtable discussion