University of Virginia, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Mellon Fellow Symposium Series


FALL 2020

September 4Fotini Kondyli, “Citizen Participation and Urban Planning in Byzantine Athens”

September 25Giulia Paoletti, “Reinventing Photography: Technology and Visuality in Senegal (1860-1960)”

October 16China Scherz, “Not Me: Addiction, Release, and Response in Central Uganda"

October 30 - Allison Bigelow, “Mining Language: Racial Thinking, Indigenous Knowledge, and Colonial Metallurgy in the Early Modern Iberian World”

November 6 - Ari Blatt, “State of Place, State of Mind: Vernacular Landscapes in Contemporary French Photography”

November 13Kasey Jernigan, “Mapping Indigenous/UVA Relations”



February 19 – Michael Puri, “Mimetic Musical Modernism: The Case of Maurice Ravel”

March 5 – Neeti Nair, “India’s Partition: Literature, Culture, Politics”

March 19 - Joshua White, “An Epic Tale of Sorrow and Joy: Slavery, Migration, and the Mediterranean Journeys of an Ottoman Manuscript”

March 26 - Sarah Betzer, “The Long Eighteenth Century?”

April 16 - Tessa Farmer, “Cairo’s Sabils: Gifting Water”