University of Virginia, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

The Spanish Pacific

September 27, 2019

9:00am – Continental Breakfast

9:30am – First Conversation – What is the Early Modern Spanish Pacific (EMSP)?

  • Ricardo Padrón – Historical Introduction
  • Participants – What are the geographical and temporal contours of the EMSP?  Why not “the colonial Philippines”?  How does East Asia fit in?  How does colonial America fit in?  Is this primarily an economic space?  A political one?  A cultural one?

10:45am – Coffee Break

11:00am – Second Conversation – How do we study the EMSP?

  • Vincent Rafael – Opportunities, Challenges, To-Do List
  • What are the relevant archives, journals, methods?  What opportunities are there for cross-disciplinary work?  Obstacles to the same?

12:15pm – Lunch with speakers and all attendees

1:30pm – Third Conversation – Regional Foci

  • What are the unique challenges and opportunities presented by studying particular geographical foci (or studying the EMSP from the perspective of these foci?)
  • The Philippines Jody Blanco
  • Spanish America Dana Leibsohn
  • East & Southeast Asia

2:45pm – Break

3:00pm – The EMSP and the Pacific Today

  • Introduction – Paula Park

  • What is the relationship between the EMSP and the Pacific Rim today?  Between the study of the EMSP and Pacific or Pacific Rim Studies?  How is this particular past relevant to our understanding of the so-called “Pacific Century”? Paula Park leads off.


Homer Statue
Wilson Hall 142
9:30 am - 5:00 pm