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Rethinking World Literature: China as Method - “From the Early Modern to Graphic Scholarship: Reflections on Methodology”

March 5, 2021

Rivi Handler-Spitz, Associate Professor, Macalester College
“From the Early Modern to Graphic Scholarship: Reflections on Methodology”

Co-sponsored by the Early Modern Workshop


In this workshop, comparative literature scholar, translator, editor, and cartoonist Rivi Handler-Spitz raises questions about what constitutes a valid context for interpreting literature from long ago and far away. Drawing on her experiences interpreting the writings of the sixteenth century Chinese provocateur Li Zhi (1527-1602) in a range of contexts – as his translator, in the culturally and nationally bound context of Ming dynasty Chinese intellectual history, in the inter-regional and inter-cultural context of the early modern period, and now in the “post-critical” context of her graphic scholarship -- Handler-Spitz explores the benefits and drawbacks these several methods afford and asks what new interpretative possibilities the visual medium of graphic scholarship opens up.


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*Copies of Prof. Handler-Spitz’s book, Symptoms of an Unruly Age: Li Zhi and Cultures of Early Modernity are available to the first 20 local registrants! Instructions will be sent after registration.*  

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12:00 pm - 1:30 pm