University of Virginia, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Buckner W. Clay Endowment for the Humanities: 2020-21

The Institute of the Humanities & Global Cultures (IHGC) invites proposals for funding from the Buckner W. Clay Endowment to support innovative work in the global humanities at the University of Virginia. The Endowment is a major source of support for faculty and graduate students to conduct research under the auspices of the IHGC. Faculty and students from across all schools and disciplines at the university are welcome and encouraged to apply. Details of the categories for proposals are listed below. The call for submissions will be announced later this year.

I. Grants for Emerging Issues in the Global Humanities

Awarded to support a variety of initiatives on vital and emerging issues in the global humanities. These include: student-faculty collaborations; events that engage the general public; conferences on emergent issues; and residencies by scholars and scholar-artists aimed at enriching the University. Awards generally range from $2,000-$10,000, though the Selection Committee may consider larger awards for exceptionally promising proposals.

II. Faculty Research Networks

Awarded to all faculty to initiate interdisciplinary research networks; preferably led by two faculty members from different disciplines. Proposals should include a research plan and a list of activities to be undertaken. Two networks will be funded in this round. Awards up to $7,000 for each network.

III. Research Grants for Doctoral Students

Grants to support graduate students at the dissertation stage whose research contributes to global humanities. Grants will be awarded to students only for the purpose of undertaking research in special archives or fieldwork away from Charlottesville. Students applying must have completed all exams and have ABD status in hand at the time of application. They should also have their IRB approval, if their project necessitates it (see below), prior to applying. Awards up to $3,500.

IV. Global Initiatives in the Public Humanities

Grants for public projects, including workshops, institutional partnerships, media presentations, and K-12 educational initiatives, that look to bring the global humanities into the wider community, locally, regionally or nationally. Awards up to $5,000.

Application Components

Proposal: In the header on the first page (no cover sheets), please include the name and e-mail address of the primary applicant, as well as the category of grant (I – IV) for which the application is being submitted. The proposal should address, in no more than two single-spaced pages, the following:

  1. The intellectual focus of the grant or initiative, including its contributions to department culture and curricula, interdisciplinary scholarship, advanced research in the global humanities, and the life of the humanities more generally;
  2. Its organizational format (e.g., a two-day workshop involving Departments X and Y; a research trip to library Z in Guatemala; a course that requires teleconferencing resources), including, where relevant, names of key participants and those administratively responsible for its execution;
  3. Where appropriate, the planned dates of travel or events, as well as venue;
  4. Names and affiliations of any investigators, collaborators, and visitors associated with the proposal;
  5. Anticipated expenses, in the form of a budget with cost estimates of each line item. Please work with your department’s fiscal administrator on your budget. Please note the award range/limit for each category. The award will not cover equipment costs, book subventions, or costs to hire research assistants. If the amount requested from the Clay Endowment is less than the total project budget, please indicate how the remaining expenses will be covered and/or any additional awards received in support of the project.

Letter of Recommendation: All proposals submitted by graduate or undergraduate students must include a letter of support from a faculty member of the department relevant to the proposal topic. Please have letters sent to Anne Gilliam, IHGC Program Administrator, at

Student Projects Abroad Travel Form: Students proposing to travel internationally as part of their proposed research need to apply to the International Studies Office as well and complete the appropriate Student Projects Abroad Travel Form here. Please be prepared to submit that form to the ISO upon receiving notification of Clay Endowment support (and before funds are dispensed). Graduate students need to read through this page and then complete a “Hoos Abroad” application (click on the link, nine lines down, on that page; it will take you here) and read / be aware of the Provost policy on student international travel. Undergraduate students should start the “Student Projects Abroad” application (will include assessment of workplan for safety and feasibility) at the time of Clay Endowment proposal submission.

Institutional Review Board Approval: Many research projects require approval by one of the University’s Institutional Review Boards. Please make sure your project has IRB approval before applying for this grant. For more information on the IRB, we encourage applicants whose project may be using human subjects to review the IRB website carefully to determine if you will require IRB approval for your project:

Additional Notes: All students involved in the project must be current students (i.e., not graduates) in good standing throughout the project's duration. All endowment funds awardees will be fellows at the IHGC and, as such, will be expected to deliver a short report regarding project accomplishments, in the semester following the completion of the fund-supported project.

Applicants who have received funds during one academic year may not apply the following academic year.

Applicants must submit the proposal as a single PDF document named as follows: [LAST NAME OF PRIMARY APPLICANT].CLAY.[GRANT CATEGORY], for example JONES.CLAY.III. Proposals should be submitted to

Questions: If you have any questions about submitting an application, please contact Anne Gilliam, IHGC Administrator ( Academic queries should be directed to Professor Debjani Ganguly, IHGC Director (