University of Virginia, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Research Groups

Human & Machine Intelligence             

Led by Paul Humphreys and Vicente Ordonez, the Human and Machine Intelligence research group focuses on the subset of information studies that comprise knowledge, representation, interpretation, learning and understanding to all connections of these terms in the humanities and the newer approaches in technology.


Led by Brad Pasanek and Chad Wellmon, this research group rethinks the historic practices of humanistic inquiry for a digital age.

Surveillance & Infrastructure       

Led by Liz Ellcessor and Camilla Fojas, this interdisciplinary research group considers how medical, military, police, and cultural institutions rely upon surveillance infrastructures to categorize, manage, and act upon the world and its peoples.

Smart Environments

Led by Mona El Khafif and Jeana Ripple of the Architecture School, this research group offers critical reflection and dialogue as to what defines "smart" and how design, coding, and policymaking can help craft informed, just, and critical communities.